Sunday, October 11, 2009

I've been promoting my photography to friends and family since I returned home in August from Rocky Mountain School of Photography. Also I've had a new spark in my Graphic Design skill and it feels better than ever to open up Adobe Illustrator and work that pen tool like never before! So far since I've been home I photograph and design as much and as large of a diversity as possible. No, I do not have only one interest in either, I just love it. Rocky Mountain School of Photography opened my eyes, finally! I've been waiting for that type of education for years and I didn't even know it until last winter when I hit a wall... I knew that all I had to offer in this world was my art work but how, just how was I going to do it? Education was the only thing that saved me. I'm ready to spread my wings from friends and family to a broader crowd. Businesses, musicians, anyone and everyone who can use my skills and services!

So for now I'm a creating fool, camera's, computers, Adobe Software galore, acrylic paints, spray paints, wood carvings, house siding, printing, archival ink, paper, canvas, MUSIC, slideshows, lenses, remote switch, time lapse movies, iStop Motion.... and that's just the beginning!!!