Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Few Garden Items

The second night of frost has hit and our garden has simmered on it's new growth. The leaves are changing and the green tomato's still on the plants are in the hundreds. How many can I salvage today? This time of season is always a bit sad since we no longer get to walk outside and pick our food for the day. The good news is it's time to pull the plants and start the compost process so next seasons garden will thrive that much more than ever before! The natural cycle of life is a beautiful thing!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Travel... Swan Falls

Randomly loading the truck with photography equipment, two pups, a few changes of clothes, h2o, and some grub then hitting the road is the perfect way to spend a sunny fall afternoon. Here are a few of my favorite photographs that came out of my trip to Swan Falls.

Gemini - I am...

I'm on a journey to get to know 'WHO I AM...?...' 
The ever lasting journey begins! 

I believe that most human beings have the power to evolve, the power to change, the power to be better, the power to be at peace... My belief stems from my personal experiences throughout the past 31 years. Today I found one of the best descriptions of who my core self is! (minus the joining book clubs part) Please follow the link if you care to join me on my 'Who I am' adventure!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cantaloupe - grown by Lil' Blue House

Amy and I have had the pleasure of putting in our whole yard at Lil' Blue! This is the third full year cycle we have been growing our plants and garden. We have sporadic open space in the winter but in the summer the space is vibrant and full of organic garden fruits and veggies. This year we decided to try out Cantaloupe for the first time. Here are the photographs of our home grown beauty!

Self Exploration... never ending...

• I'm on a journey •

• I'm 31 years old •

• I'm a photographer •

 Mamma the Squirrel & her toy dog Daphne