Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Photographing Metal

Since I've been home from school I make sure to challenge my eye and mind every single day. So far photographing metal art work has been my biggest challenge and I'm loving it! My dear and very talented friend Cindy Wolff has given me the amazing opportunity to photograph her beautiful art work. (This is one of many art works... More to come soon).

This challenge has given me more drive to open my own studio than any challenge so far. My living room is consumed by my photo equipment and it's working great... For now! I am limited to one strobe on a stand set off camera. I'm bouncing the light into my one umbrella and back out which then hits the many many white cards I have set up with the clamps I purchased from Harbor Freight. Thanks to RMSP I have one nice large piece of paper that I have pinned into the wall/opening that separates the dinning room and living room. I have the paper curved nicely up onto the table I use for my other art making activities!

The best part about this challenge is that I have realized once again how lucky I was and am to be a part of RMSP. Joe Lavine, our studio teacher is a life saver. Without Joe, his amazing teaching style, huge amount of knowledge and constructive criticism I would never have known how to set up anything to pull off a simple product shoot let alone a challenge like this.

I can't wait for the day to work with photographers/artists and assistants like I did last summer.

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