Friday, April 2, 2010

Golden Hour Saved the Day!

I had a family photo shoot set up yesterday around 5:30pm. I have been so excited for this but of course Mother Nature had different plans for me. April Fools SAC, it's snowing and your clients were going for a spring-time shoot. Needless to say the shoot was postponed and I was bummed. I thought perhaps it would be a day where I would not make one single photograph. Heartbreak in the early afternoon quickly turned to heart-race come 6:52pm when the sun shined through the window pounding my little pup with the most beautiful light. Golden Hour saved my day! As fast as I could move I snagged my camera out of it's dark and quite holding station, otherwise known as my camera backpack... Dialed it in and was snapping my shutter button like crazy. SAC was a happy little gal once again!

photographs or diptych made with: 1/60 sec at f 4.0, ISO 200, 105mm lens w/ 1.6 crop factor

I knew I wanted an extremely shallow depth of field therefore I used my lenses widest f-stop. I also knew that my pup would not be sitting still so I popped my ISO to 200 to add a little extra light so I would be able to speed up my shutter to freeze Daphne and make darn sure when I focussed on her eye that it was crystal clear. Sharp eyes are one of the most important parts of animal and people photography. That and catch lights!