Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dogs make everything better

Yesterday I was doing a little yard work in the front. I had this funny feeling that someone was staring at me. Quickly I looked up to see if my feeling was true! Yep, to the NW across the street I discovered my neighbors 7 month old pup peeking around at me from one of their bushes. Being a neighborhood friendly person I knew that her parents were at work and wouldn't be home for a few hours. With a couple whistles and a loving hand I reached out to the pup and brought her home for the day. When I called her Dad the first thing he said was "don't tell me you have my dog?" I answered "why yes I do and I'll return her home this evening!" Needless to say my two dogs, ages 6 & 7, were a little confused by their new PUPPY playmate. WOW does she have energy! I had to take advantage of the time with the three amazing four leggeds and during that time I snapped a few photographs! 

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