Friday, September 23, 2011

Kokanee Spawning Season

Imagine being one of the first explorers to come across our beautiful state of Idaho. Particularly in September around lakes and streams... The water turns RED! These are Kokanee, a stem of Sockeye Salmon who live in fresh water and this is their spawning season. 

I took a little trip with my Mom and Dad from their cabin in Pine to Fall Creek. The Kokanee do their very best to jump up the man-made culvert to continue their life cycle... It's pretty much impossible to get any further than this, like 99.999999%... This is truly the end for most of these fish after this part of the season and it's very natural but sad to see the weak. On the other hand it's extremely entertaining to watch the strong lunge from the fast passed waters into the air, trying to jump roughly 6ft distance to make it into the culvert. View on the see the glowing red that these awesome fish radiate!

Mom, Dad & SACS - two of my best friends!!!

1 of 5 of my Mom's tree frogs who lives in her Geranium's in Pine.

(Shhhhh, please don't tell too many people about my home-state...
It's too amazing to be flooded by more people, woot woot:)

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  1. Amazing work Sarah! I'm so glad you were able to capture these photos. :0)