Friday, June 4, 2010

Two Beautiful Women

Last month I had the great pleasure to work, again, with the most amazing Sarah Ober and our new friend Nicole Velasquez. What a perfect pair for this shoot. We went in only knowing the location and wardrobe but didn't plan much for the shoot. I was lucky enough to arrive at Sarah's house to help the ladies finalize their outfits and also, most importantly I got to watch them interact! The pre-shoot 'organization' if you will was one hell of a good time. Sarah and Nicole have a very fun lovin' relationship. They're both easy going but highly intelligent. They were completely comfortable around each other, almost like they'd known each other their whole lives. After registering this important information we headed toward our location, took the camera out and shot shot shot!!! Thank both of you ladies for the fun experience.

These are a few examples of the first area of our shoot on the shady side of the Linen Building in Boise, Idaho! Click on image to enlarge...

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  1. I LOVE how I look either completely angry or I can't stop laughing! Thanks so much for the shoot. I had such a blast!! We MUST do it again!