Monday, January 24, 2011

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

 Grace Potter & The Nocturnals played a 4 song set at The Record Exchange in Boise. Their individual music talents are mind blowing but when you put the whole band together, in my opinion, nobody else can rock harder!!! I was so impressed with the presence and positive energy of the band that I couldn't leave The Record Exchange. I was also on cloud 9 because I scored a drum stick that Matthew Burr played with during the day time set. Grace couldn't have been more sweet. She took time to meet every single person in line, sign autographs, listen to personal stories (including mine, thanking her for calling me the day before VOTING DAY to remind me of the importance:) and she also gave huge hugs to the wee ones who's parents were cool enough to take them to see/hear her and her unbelievable band! Sorry to those who could not make the shows. I'm still in awe!

Then it was night and the Knitting Factory was on fire! I honestly wish I had the words to describe how absolutely amazing the evening was but I don't. I'll leave you with a few photographs made with my little p&s.

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

 My favorite photograph of the evening... Blurry & Noisy = Perfect!

The whole band got up and played the drums during 'Medicine.'
Breath Taking!

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