Sunday, January 9, 2011

Micro Machines

Wow, it's 2011 and this is my first blog post. Yay, I welcome you 2011 with open arms!

This post may seem a little random but in all reality not random at all. Already this year I have been slapped in the face with a few surprises. Good surprises, great surprises but surprises that I wish maybe didn't need to be surprises... (How many times can you put 'surprises' in a sentence?) All in all these surprises have made me step back and ask myself what is important in my life... past, present and future. When I was young I was the most free spirited person. I had a ton of different friends from all walks of life. I smiled constantly and did my best not to hurt a fly. I tried to bring the positive to every situation even if the positive seemed impossible. Unfortunately and sadly through my teenage and young adult years I lost that part which was caused by many interesting circumstances... Fortunately I have had the strength and the want to get back to my core. For the past 3.5 or so years I've been doing everything possible to do just that... get 'me' back! It's taking a lot more work than I ever imagined but it's all so very worth it. I want and need to make the best impression on this world as I can because once I'm gone... well, I'm gone! During the next few months I will be re-vamping my 'Social Network' sites and website, re-evaluating what I want to do with my business and art work. I do hope to make an impact not just on those who are physically close to me but to others who might need a nudge in a different direction.

For now I'll leave you with a couple photo's depicting my favorite childhood toys... Micro Machines! I still have the majority of my original micro machines and cherish every memory that I have during those years of play. Keep the 'me' a comin' and I hope you have your 'me' too!

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