Friday, August 26, 2011

CD & CD Cover Design - 'Wedding Celebration!'

I was recently contacted by a couple who are getting ready to throw their wedding celebration party. They decided to give a compilation soundtrack to their guests as a thank you. They had their songs picked, typed out and ready to be set into the template that they had already received from their printer!!! They contacted me to whip together a fitting design and of course I was more than excited to take on this fun challenge.

They got married in NYC. They had one low resolution but killer photograph they had taken from The Top of The Rock. So I used some of my creative skills and transformed it into a colorful illustration... The color scheme was based on the colors of the brides bouquet in NYC.

View on to see the final product!

Original image by my clients.

Illustrated image I created with above photograph.

Brides beautiful bouquet!

Soundtrack Cover - Front & Back 
(Back is flipped 180° before sent to printer... making the transparent back image mirrored to the front)

CD Cover

Photograph made by my client after picking up the final printed product!


  1. Very impressive, Sarah. What a wonderful remembrance for Annie and Pete and their loved ones! Julie