Friday, October 21, 2011

My #1 Rule - Have fun!!!

Earlier this week I had the most awesome time working with one of our local seniors in high school! In this day in age senior portraits can be some of the most fun photo shoots for photographers who like photographing people. The teens want to be captured as their true selves! They're real, honest, positive and beautiful people. These are all my opinions but I will stand by them and cherish the time spent with them during our photo sessions.

The one rule that I throw out during set up is... We both must have fun!
For some reason I think this photograph says just that... FUN!!!

My post edit process might be a little more extreme than I usually go...
I'm not sure if this is final but for this blog post purpose, I really dig it!
Please let me know your thoughts... If you'd like.

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  1. that's fantastic! I had to wear the fake tuxedo