Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Iowa Scenes

Iowa, oh Iowa, how I love thee... This is my second trip to Iowa but this time I had the pleasure of spending my time in the north western part of the state. I carried no expectations about anything only excitement rushed through my veins. I had two purposes on this trip... One was to get to know all I could about my client and his businesses so I could come home and design his sweet logo. The second was to spend time photographing with my buddy, classmate and forever great friend Bob Blanchard ('09 AI, SI RMSP Grad). Check mark on both!

After taking over 750 photographs on the entire trip to Iowa here are a few that I feel capture the scenes where I was so very lucky to spend a short time in the fall of 2009.


  1. Great captures! I especially love the 3rd one from the top. I have a thing for bare trees for some reason. -Lynne

  2. Sac,

    These are great. I wish I was with you and Bob. Hopefully next year we get to Utah. Love you girl, Rita