Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunset - July 4th 2010

I've been dreaming about capturing the perfect Boise 4th of July photograph for years... This 2010 4th of July was my big chance. I have not been this excited about a shoot for a bit so the anticipation was digging deep into my heart. I thought I was 100% sure of where I was going to hike for my shoot... Then, life took a spin at the last minute and my plans and shooting destination had to be re-evaluated. Fortunately I have a great friend who's parents live around the corner from the cross on Table Rock. I quickly finalized my new plan to set up in their backyard. I couldn't have been more happy with the evening progression. The view was amazing, the sunset to die for, friends to keep it real and a breath taking natural beauty that Mother Nature most thankfully gave to us!

Before I post the firework photographs that I made from that evening I am displaying the progression of the sunset. During the shoot I knew I wanted to push my boundaries so I played with my exposer settings to capture the mood and or feel of each photograph. I added a few editing goodies that have popped into mind lately. Experimental but I may possibly push them further in the future!


  1. I think your experimenting is fabulous!

  2. I love your shots. Sometimes changed plans are good. Nice work.