Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine for AIDS - 2011

Since 1994 the Flying M Coffee House has been hosting a community art show called Valentine for AIDS.  To me, this is the most fun art event of the year. Hundreds of artists of ALL AGES donate their work to help support SNAP (Safety Net for AIDS Program). The silent auction lasts 10 days (February 3-13, 2011). If anyone has a spare hour it's well worth taking the time to check out the awesome art work and maybe throw down some bids at this most amazing and very important cause! Here are a few photographs I made during the artist opening.

Flying M is always packed at the artist opening! Mingle, mingle, art, art art!

My very supportive life partner took some time off her busy schedule to be my date!
7 years in this show thanks to my babe!
My art piece is a little above Amy's eye level... dancing feet, titled E-MOTION!

Have to be okay with physical closeness when attending this shin dig!

View on my friends! Art is so cool!

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