Friday, July 8, 2011

Black Cat Tattoo - new additions

The human body is one of the most beautiful natural canvas's that exists. I have been intrigued by the whole tattoo process since I can remember. In college my senior project was all about Tattoos and Body Modification. My appreciation for this genre of art is so high I have a hard time describing it with words...

One of my favorite shops in town is Black Cat Tattoo! Owner and artist Sean Wyett has been an inspiration to me since the first time I met him years ago. The team of Black Cat Artists are extremely talented, very well educated and welcoming. Thank you all for everything you create! I can't wait for my next addition... Whenever that may be!

Here are some photographs of a simple but powerful new tattoo that a great friend
got a couple months ago.

Final cleaning and it's complete!

Social Distortion matches on display!

I made this painting and gave it to Sean as a thank you for being such a huge inspiration
for me in my creative endevour!

You can find it in the bathroom of Black Cat! Eye candy for the reading room!!!

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