Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Daisy 'The Rescue Pup'

This pup moved into my neighbors back yard at age 2 months. I formed an awesome bond with her immediately and told her straight up... "I have my eye on you baby girl!"

She was placed in a small dirt floored space by day along with an 8 year old NOT NEUTERED stud and she was kenneled by night. She was never walked, was extremely neglected and skinny as can be.

I've been working on a plan to get her out of there for over a month but couldn't come up with anything until the 4th of July 2011. She is afraid of fireworks and clawed her way out of her pen. I randomly saw her out of the corner of my eye... We made contact and she flew into my arms! This was my chance and I took it without looking back. Me being the friendly neighbor (even if I don't believe in their actions) knocked on the door holding the pup tight. The neighbor knew before I said anything that I meant business. All I could say is that 'I have been very concerned about the well being of your animals.' My eyes teared up as I explained to the woman that I am an animal advocate (or advocate for the innocent being) and I would love to help find the pup a new home if that would be okay. Guilty as all hell, she said, yes please! Quickly I ran back into my house, grabbed my camera and posted a few photo's on Facebook hoping and praying that I would find a loving home ASAP. I knew that if I didn't find a home for her by the 5th that I would take her in as a foster. The last thing I wanted to happen to the poor girl was to be violated by the stud and become pregnant. (I'm a huge believer in getting all animals FIXED!!! It's a humans responsibility in an over populated domestic animal world we're living in). 

That next day, the 5th of July, she did find the perfect home! I got to snag Daisy away from her old horrible living situation, spent a few hours with her, my two dogs and wife. Watching her explore was absolutely amazing! She was 6 months old and barely knew a thing. She was anxious, excited, stimulated, smiling and free! She knew she had been saved!

Daisy is now in her new loving home with a couple of great friends, two other dogs and new kitty! Already on her first morning with her new owners she has gone on a car ride to the dog park where she was introduced to swimming and running in wide open spaces.

If you or anyone you know ever runs into this type of situation don't hesitate to help. Every living being deserves a good life. You CAN make a difference. You CAN make life better for someone who might not have a chance without you! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

More to come about Daisy 'The Rescue Pup.'

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  1. Nice job SAC!! you are indeed one who talks the talk and walks the walk! proud of you-