Thursday, March 11, 2010

Athlete Photo's Take One

Last weekend was a beautiful one! My buddy Davey Pat asked if I would do a photo shoot with him so he could submit them to a contest of sorts. I said hell yes I'll help you out. He had a few different GQ style outfits to change into for diversity sake but I came up with the running idea. He's got an extremely athletic build that I just had to take advantage of while we were out shooting. I do have to admit these photo's were taken for selfish reasons... basically athlete photography practice. I'm not sure if he will submit any of these to his contest but I know I will be using some for my portfolio! Thanks DP!

You can tell we were not using a softbox because of the harsh shadow DP's left hand displays on his t-shirt. For a minimal equipment set-up and first time running shoot I'm pretty darn happy! Always room for improvement...

Photo's taken with my Canon 40D, 24-105mm F4 lens and 580EX II Speedlite
held off camera with my long cord.

*Thank you Amy Curtis–Schaeffer for you amazing assisting skills! 
*Gretchen thank you for keeping Amy company when I didn't need her assistance.


  1. what a great opportunity, to practice and learn. love the blue sky...

  2. Sweet shoot. Keep it up. Awesome balance of natural/artificial light.

  3. Nice work SAC - and great portfolio building stuff! I ditto what Chad and Kimber looks like you are pretty comfortable with the speedlite!

  4. like it! want to see more....