Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sky and Flare

The spring sky has been amazing lately. Enormous clouds fill the sky with just enough blue popping through to increase the color contrast perfectly. I finally took advantage of having a house-mate, life-mate, soul-mate and model right at my finger tips. Thank you Amy for being a good sport!

In this photograph I exposed for the sky using the suns natural lens flare to give the photo that extra artistic, full of life look. I then used a fill flash to pop Amy. If I didn't use the fill flash she would be a silhouette which is not what I was going for.

This is an example of not using fill flash. See the silhouette! I also underexposed the sky just a tad because, well, I wanted a darker blue sky than what Mother Nature was offering at the time.

This photograph has lens flare to the extreme level. When I captured the shot I was kind of irritated at myself because I thought the flare was too much and smack dab in the middle of her face... She had a great expression and by the next frame she had changed her look. But I kept an open mind and decided to role with this image in the editing stage. Personally I like this image just because of the fact that I know Amy and this to me depicts a certain part of her...


  1. beautiful! I really like the first and second image a lot. I'm always trying to get great sunflare, and it seems to happen better when I'm NOT trying lol.