Friday, March 26, 2010

Close Travels

Traveling the open road is a part of my past the I need to keep near in the present and future. In years past I've racked up thousands and thousands of miles all over the USA. Since I've been in my committed relationship for the past seven years traveling for months on end just isn't in the cards. Yesterday I had another epiphany as I was going stir crazy in my cozy little home/office/studio... I don't need to pack up my truck and take off for long periods of time without any plan. I can do day trips. I can do hour trips. The best part about living in Boise, Idaho is that I am in the middle of everything Mother Nature has to offer, minus the ocean. We do have rivers, lakes, mountains, deep canyons, fur trees, desert, city-scape, farm-scape, sports, action, rain, snow, sun, clouds, stars and a whole lot more!

These black and white photo's came from my 2 hour long trip I took on the farm roads south of Boise.


  1. LLLLLLLLLLOVE them! A couple hours definitely not wasted. -Lynne

  2. Exceptional! As always.... Inspirational photos and philosophy - Melanie

  3. These are great. Your work is so outstanding and moving.